Want to re-design your life & work to be more free and fulfilling?

Hi, I’m Susie Romans!

A semi-sweet blend of:

  • Internet tech geek

  • Online business expert

  • Purpose driven mama

  • Lover of freedom, family and hot, hot weather

I am a business coach, marketing consultant and online entrepreneur. I believe in a world where ambitious & creative people are free to do work they love; while raising their kids, traveling the world & making a huge impact.

I’ve come to realize that being free and fabulous is a state of mind.


But, honey, the money sure does help!   I wake up each morning to toddlers yelling and an inbox exploding in my Macbook browser.


It’s a life of passion and purpose. It’s chaos and bliss all at once.   I started my purpose-driven journey by ditching corporate america at the age of 23. After only a couple years, I knew it wasn’t for me. I knew I needed to put my energy into work I was passionate about, work that fed my soul and allowed freedom in my life.

A lot of people realize this, but fail to do anything about it.


I didn’t do well with following cookie-cutter rules and authority.   I also didn’t want to spend my life doing work that I didn’t care about.


I needed to live with passion. Just like I need air and water…I needed it.

After 4 million visitors, developing several income streams and earning full time income; I’m making online business simple to understand and implement.

Yes. I am saying you can design your work and life to be lived out with passion, financial security and purpose!

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As a mother on a mission to change the world and inspire women, I don’t feel bad about my “internet fame”.   I know my message has changed women’s lives and will continue to do so.


It’s an inner knowing or intuitive feeling that still gives me goosebumps to this day.   I didn’t start out like this though. I learned early on the power of hustle and commitment. I was born to hard working, immigrant factory workers from Poland. In my family, we know hard work.   Living with passion is a moment to moment thing. Its doing work you love, impacting people, standing for a purpose greater than yourself…and making money.  


When I knew I wanted to be my own boss…I became a freelancer. I began making money with part time jobs and gigs. From social media management, to sales, to fitness instructing. Today, I run a successful business that exists totally online.   I earn my income from coaching people one-on-one on the topics of marketing, website development, sales processes, lead generation, website traffic, creating products, services and more. I also sell training and tutorials via videos, eBooks and digital information products.   Living on purpose takes guts. If I was living a comfy life, I might have never taken the leap.  


But because I know what it’s like to be backed into a corner…because I know what sleepless nights are like. Because I know sacrifice and dedication…I am a role model to my clients and customers all over the globe.   My friend, you were made for more!

A fabulous and fulfilled life can be designed.You can create your ideal life. It is a fact.

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I’m blessed to have the freedom to jump on a plane, travel and go to conferences whenever I want. Juggling a business and family is an art.


Sure it’s risky sometimes to make a lifestyle change…but it’s in the risk that we find faith and strength. Sometimes, it takes a leap into the unknown.


It’s all about baby steps. Start with small, smart actions done over and over. Begin to model and learn from the people that live the lifestyle you would like to live. Proximity to successful people is huge.


I will not stop mentoring, teaching and inspiring others to build online income. Why? It’s good for our souls, society and especially our kids.


Do what lights you up, make time for the people you love and live your version of a free and fabulous life.