Use the right words to attract the right clients:


Let’s talk about the need to get really clear on who you want to attract and who you don’t want to attract in your business. Because you get to choose who you work with, and who you don’t want to work with.

And make sure that you realize that it’s up to you — the way that you position and write your copy. This is how you define what clients you want to work with.


So let me give you an example:


There have been times in my business where I’ve attracted certain clients or prospects that wanted help but they almost always came into every situation with a victim mentality, like: “I have these problems and issues but I don’t really want to do anything about it, I’d just rather complain and act as a victim than be somebody who changes the situation.

Poor attitude, right?

When I looked at my messaging I had to go trough my website and my copy with this lens of where are these people coming from.

What I realized was that there were many parts in my copy where I was using the word: struggling. For example: Are you struggling? Are you wishing that you had this or that?

I was attracting that person because I spoke to the struggler or I spoke to the victim. And if you want to change that you need to change the way you talk to your people.

I began creating these post-it notes all over my office that said: I work with ambitious, successful, driven people, who know that they have the power to make change happen in their life.

What happened is then I would look over my offerings, whether I was selling a program or a product or a service. And I would make sure that I spoke to those people who I wanted to attract. “Are you a highly driven person who needs help with this and that but are motivated and ready to change?”

By doing these little tweaks I was able to attract a different kind of prospect and client into my business.


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