Time to love yourself and your business

Love your business and yourself
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I’m Susie Romans and I’m an Online Business Consultant. I teach women entrepreneurs how to capitalize on the power of the internet, grow their businesses and make a generous income online.


After making a name for myself as a Business Development Manager in a Chicago Marketing Agency. Founding a lifestyle blog with a readership of over 4 million. And having two kids just over a year apart, I decided something had to give.

At 26 I’d already achieved a lot. But every day was an uphill struggle to balance work commitments with family life.  I was tired of fighting to get my ideas heard at work and craving the creative freedom to do my own thing.

Deep down I knew I had the heart and the hustle to make it work, so I quit.


In August 2014 I launched Susie Romans.com and had my very first $10k month.


Then everything changed.   

From that point on I no longer believed that making money had to be hard. I knew there were people out there who would pay good money for what I could teach them. And I trusted that money was abundant and would flow to me easily.

In the space of a year my business has grown into a six-figure empire. But best of all, that income has given me the freedom to truly live my best life.

These days I work around 20 hours a week and have complete and total control over my schedule.  I have total creative control over my business and brand. Have the power to make unlimited income and the ability to walk into a store and treat myself if I see a handbag or a cute pair of shoes that I really like.

But what I love more than anything else?



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