I am officially booked solid:

All my current clients know that I am officially booked solid…in the best kind of way. In a nutshell, about four months after starting my lifestyle blog in 2012, it went viral. We now have web traffic toppling over the 4.1 million visitor marker. So with my online marketing success, I’ve begun consulting entrepreneurs on growing their online presence, re-branding, improving business strategy, creating kick-butt marketing plans and more.


Multiple Income Streams

Now, multiple income streams are a great way to provide revenue for your business. So, I am a big advocate of digital products and passive income. But… it’s important to recognize that working with clients one-on-one is a great focus area where you can bring a good chunk of the sales.

Convert Prospective Clients

Understanding the steps necessary to convert prospective clients to existing clients is a must. You see, closing paid clients is a numbers game. The more people get to take advantage of your free consult, the higher the conversions to paid clients.

Higher conversions start with developing a strong “Call to Action”. Your website must draw new people into the sales funnel, and make it easy for them to book a session with you without feeling committed.

Using scheduling platforms can serve as a great way to provide an “obligation free zone” for prospective clients. Make yourself easily accessible for a free 15 minute consultation, and you’ll be booking many more people in advance. This way, you’ll get higher conversions, and more peace of mind when it comes to income stability. Ok, now check out my video to see what I mean.

Let’s work together to get you Calendar full of clients and get you booked solid. Contact me today.

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