Branding your business, your services, products, e-courses or offerings can seem daunting. It can also be very, very fun. This all depends on how you look at the creative process.

branding your business
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There are a lot of different areas that you have to think about when you’re branding your business and naming your stuff, for lack of better word. In reality, I advise almost all of my clients to brand their name into their business. Unless you plan to get married or you know that your last name will change in the near future. In that case, I do not advise it.

Using your name as your brand is often times a really good thing for people who want to be speakers, authors, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants and online brands.

In this video with Kimika Hudson we talk about many different areas of brand naming. We get into the importance of SEO and connecting with other people in your industry to name products programs and services.

It’s so easy to come to a grinding halt with this process. Tearing your hair out searching for that elusive “perfect” name but it doesn’t have to be so frustrating.

Take a watch of the interview below and apply some of the tips and strategies when branding your business!

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