I get emails from women who say they feel stuck or trapped. I get clients who want to make money because they are sick of relying on others for their income. They feel capable and smart DEEP DOWN but they are not really making any money. Thier spouses bring in the cash, and they pretend to have businesses, but aren’t really doing anything. My response? Create something!

Women are incredible, we were born to create. Our bodies and our minds are intuitively creative!

We can create humans inside our own bodies and birth them 9 months later.

Business is the same. You need to get impregnated with an idea or a passion…we can create something that has REAL positive POWER. We have the ability to change the world for the better!

Just like my kids have the potential to grow up, become Nobel Peace Prize winners, become teachers, inventors, help their peers, their friends…their potential is UNLIMITED!

We are social creatures, put on earth to serve, love and impact each other.

So if you’re in a low point.

May I ask: What are you creating?

What are you birthing that will be BIGGER THAN you? What will go on after you have passed away? Anything? Just your TV set and DVR?

That’s a pathetic, crying shame. Sorry, but you are made for more than that. You were made to create!

Stop wasting time and flailing around.

If you spend your days doing any of these things its time for a BIG change:

  • Working at a job you hate

  • Eating ice cream watching Scandal re-runs

  • Scrolling through facebook feeds for hours

  • Watching youtube videos that make you feel worse about yourself

  • Feeling lonely or trapped

  • Giving yourself to everyone and everything…but NEVER taking action on YOUR dreams


So, what do I recommend you create? Glad you asked.


Spend your evenings with family or friends, making memories and RELISH in the beauty of a LIFE well designed and well LIVED.

Create a legacy, birth a project, business or baby that WILL go on to LIVE even when you pass away.

What else do you think life is about?

I can help you light up this world with your inner sparkle.

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