Have you realized that business owners that are really excelling and succeeding in their industry really believe in themselves and what they do?


It’s a common theme in movies, where entrepreneurs that went through a lot in their lives are still able to create a really thriving business. And a lot of it stemmed from their unrelenting belief in themselves.


This isn’t something that you can turn a switch and then all of the sudden you believe in yourself. It’s something that you actually have to work on.


Let me share with you some personal stories about how to work on building your mindset.


Tapping into your Personal Story to change your Mindset

Tapping into and connecting with what is is in your own personal story, beliefs or the way that you’ve been programmed is key connecting with what’s going on in there and how you need to change it.


Let me share with you, my personal story, about how I changed my Mindset:

I realized early on in my business that I wanted my family to believe in what I was doing. When I started out online, most of my family members didn’t really now what I did and it was almost hard to explain my online business. For all they knew I was just playing around on my laptop, they had no concept of what I did or what I was building. And I just kept wishing that they’d believe in me and that they understood what I did.


And it wasn’t until I was at a conference in San Diego that I was able to crush through this mindset block. I realized that I had the belief that I order for me to succeed I needed my family to believe in me. And once I was clear on what was going on mentally I was able to move past it.

The point is: you have to figure out what’s going on mentally and then learn how to reframe it.


At that same conference, I shared this belief with the group and how I wanted my family to believe in me. And expressed how in my family no one was really entrepreneurial and how taking risks was frown upon.

Afterward someone approached me and said to me: you know it seems that your family might not believe you, or back you up in the risks that you’re taking. But the way I see it your mom and dad took a huge risk and it required a lot of courage for them to leave their home country in Europe and come here to America. So actually your parents probably instilled that courage inside of you.

A complete stranger came up to me and said this. I had goosebumps all over! I was wondering: where did you come from and how did that come to you? It was pretty amazing! Which is a testament to getting out of your comfort zone, going to live events, having a community of entrepreneurs around you to support you.


A Change in Perspective

The event was live changing and it was really a change in perspective. Which is what is going to have to happen for you as you grow your business. You’re going to have to reframe the beliefs in your mind.

And now I look at my parents and I’m thankful that they instilled courage in me, because of the way they lived their life. They gave me the ability to take risks and leaps of faith when I didn’t know what was on the other side.


How can you reframe your mindset or release things that are not helping you?

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