How I learn that I am the one that gets to decide what I’m Worth !

In June, Jason and I did a little house hunting in Texas before my birthday (which was June 7th!). Now that we are totally location free and able to ditch the snow for good, we’re scoping out new lifestyle options!

You know, three years ago if you told me that I’d be in this position and running a six figure online business… I might have called you “crazy!”.

That is… because three years ago my mindset was different. I was still thinking small. Feeling small… doubting my abilities.

What changed?


Frankly, I became a person who takes charge in business, I became a coach that helps my clients get results (full-time income on their laptops!) I became a marketer who knows how to attract dream clients each day.

A woman who believed in her own abilities more than others did.

I remember a job interview I had just two years ago… in a moment of weakness when my blog was barely producing income… I applied for a job because entrepreneurship felt TOO HARD.

This business owner offered me a $45K salary.

For my life, 9-5, Each day, No flexibility, No time with kids, No creative freedom!

He told me that’s what I was worth.

I said, “I’d like to earn $60-80K.”

He said, “Good luck with that.”

I proved him wrong.

I knew I was able to do more and be more. Impact more and be happier on my own.

I did.

I now run a six figure business.

And man does it feel good! If you know you’re worth more than what you’re getting paid…why wait around?

If you are smart enough to make your own dream business grow. Do it.

Yea, some days are scary. Sometimes fear creeps in.

But you CAN EXECUTE on your dream. Prove ’em wrong. 

Show the world why you’re here. 

Be there for your kids.

Inspire others.

No more excuses. Create results.

This book will rock your world and show you exactly how I left the traditional work force. It’s an easy read packed with advice that will change your life starting TODAY.

Leaving 9 to 5: An Action Plan to Earning on Your Own Terms.

Enjoy it!

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