How a beauty pageant experience helped me find my purpose.
I was 19 and ready to go on stage for the Miss Illinois pageant.
Nervous? You bet.
Did I win? Not even close.
So why’d I do it? It was WAY outside my comfort zone. I wanted to explore an industry that intrigued and excited me!
It’s a common thread in my life, taking risks. In case you haven’t noticed. And it has helped me find my purpose.
When I was 21, I flew around the country attending seminars about building wealth. Nine times out of ten, I was the youngest person in the room.
I flew alone. I stayed at hotels alone. And I was funding these educational trips by taking out 0% APR credit cards. And I always paid them off in full.
I decided I would have freedom and be rich one day, no matter what. I was committed.

Finding your ZONE and your PURPOSE requires a lot of exploring and a lot of eliminating.

You can bet that if you explore nothing and change nothing, you’ll stay in the same place. You get nowhere.
Big surprise, huh?
BUT then…there’s this other breed of people. The entrepreneurs, the athletes, the high performers, the authors and speakers, whose purpose is crystal clear… God, I love these people!
We’re the ones who can take a lot of hits, stumbles, failures and get up every single day with more GRIT than the day before.
We know that creating work that inspires people and changes lives is what we were born to do.
And we follow that calling. We crush it. We do it day in and day out because it’s not work. It’s a lifestyle.
Go out and do it. Period. No excuses.
Find your purpose!
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