Everything that you pursue in your business, every project and every offering, should be something that really, truly lights you up.


You can follow all the e-books and trainings out there. You can do everything down to a “T”. But if your heart and soul and passion isn’t into isn’t in it, it’s going to flop!


So first and foremost follow those ideas and projects that really light you up.

Always put your ideas trough this filter:


Does this fit in my body of work?

This is something that I started getting serious about in my business. Creating a body of work!

It’s looking at everything and saying: “Is this going to be part of my legacy? Is this something I’m going to be proud to show my children someday?”

Put your work through that lens.

This is your body of work!

Your creativity! The work that you’re leaving behind, that thousands of people are going to be able to see!


Does it light you up?

Don’t just do it for the sake of doing it.

You shouldn’t start a membership site because everyone else is doing it.

Don’t become a life coach because everyone else is doing it.

You don’t need to sell an online program, if it doesn’t align with you.


Follow what lights you up!

What program, offering or product that lights you up can you create today?

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