I’m retiring… my parents.

Ha! I gotcha, didn’t I?

Don’t you worry I am so in love with my work, my business and my clients that I may never retire…

My parents on the other hand? They have had a much harder life than mine and it’s my goal to retire them.

I’m going to expand my business, which just crossed the six-figure mark this month.

Yes. Six figures!

My business and brand SusieRomans.com officially had its 1st birthday in June 2015!

If a 27-year-old mom of two toddlers can create a six figure business in one year, you can too. Do you know what raising two toddlers looks like? What waking up at 3am looks like? Do you know what the back of my van looks like? It’s not always pretty… but it’s worth it!

Which is actually why I bought MY OWN kid-free red Infiniti convertible to celebrate my business and my birthday on June 7th!

Sooooo puhhhhhlease darling, no more excuses!

Your dream business can become a reality much quicker than you imagined.

I’ve been telling you for an entire year that you have so much POTENTIAL. And I know you do…

BUT (wait for it….)

Potential doesn’t pay the bills, it doesn’t pay off student loans. Potential doesn’t give money to charities, buy sports cars or luxury vacations… 


So, this next chapter in business is when the quantum leaps begin to happen. And it’s all going to be based on WHAT YOU & I DO. Ideas don’t really matter…what matters is what WE DO.

Life is too short to not live your best life NOW.

Love & green lights,


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