If you run a services based business, it requires you to have leads and clients. No surprise here, right? It’s very important for you to have  lead generation systems in place.

Obviously, we always need prospects and people to talk to…we need people to sell our services to…yes or yes?

Now, hold up tight because it’s not as scary as you think, it’s actually really really fun!

Imagine it’s Halloween and you’re running around filling up your basket with loads of delicious candies. This is what lead gen feels like to me! What we’re doing for your business is filling up your bucket  with wonderful, lovable, potential clients!

Does this sound way too easy to be true? Well in all honesty, I’m a firm believer that you should only work with people that light you up and put a smile on your face. Life is too short to work with a**holes.

Alright, alright! Let’s get back to lead generation. How do we fill our Halloween basket? I’m realizing that now, this is a weird analogy, but stay with me.

I am assuming that you have your business in place. I’m assuming that you’re confident in your brand and that you’re confident in the services and packages you offer. So once that foundation is in place you’re ready to design lead generation funnels to propel your income forward.

I love the tool Contactually.com and ironically they literally call the segments of leads  “buckets “!

So you want to have a few different buckets, once you begin organizing your leads. If you’re going to go the simple route of just having excel spreadsheet, that’s fine in the beginning, just make sure you have multiple lists. So, one of your list is going to be considered your ‘hot leads’ another list might be considered your ‘cold leads’ another list or bucket might be considered ‘partners’ etc.

Those of us who actually keep track of our potential clients prospects and will hands-down sky rocket right past the people who do not track their leads. So, trust me when I tell you to set up CRM and systems! Create buckets for all of your prospects, contacts and people that now live in your Facebook, email or other platforms. Get organized!

Where do we find prospects and leads?

  • Online
  • Blog threads
  • Facebook
  • Fitness classes
  • Conferences
  • Networking events
  • Child’s daycare
  • Maybe you have 300 business card sitting in a drawer in your desk right now

Anyone can be a prospect! Or anyone can know someone who might be your ideal client!

The key in business if you need to make money ASAP, always be interacting with people! Why? Because people are where the money comes from!

Need an example?

If your Aunt Sally owns a hair salon that needs a new website and you design websites you need to talk to your Aunt Sally.


If you talk to the woman at yoga and find out that her husband owns a consulting business that’s looking for a social media manager… great! Get the conversations going!

Lead generation can happen anywhere from talking to strangers, to going to networking events, to setting up online systems that work on autopilot.

So let’s break it down if you want to master lead generation and stay organized you have to make sure that you are capturing all of your prospects in leads into your CRM system.

That means you need to put their name their phone number and their email address into your CRM so that you have a little file of every single person. Sound crazy? It’s not. This is the system that keeps me BOOKED SOLID with clients I LOVE!

Keep track of all of the people you talk to, keep track of what their needs are, make sure you organize all of these prospects and leads and contacts into your own CRM, excel file or as I mentioned … Contactually.com

So, we basically just touched the tip of the iceberg when we talk about sales, lead generation and business development. What has been the most helpful thing for you in lead generation and sales?

Let’s bring your lead generation to the next level! Get in touch today.

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