How would your life change if you were earning a consistent $20K per month every single month? Consistency and stability feels pretty darn sweet.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have a skill, expertise or story that you want to monetize.
  • You’re dead set on creating a freedom based business online.
  • You’re ambitious, smart, driven and committed.
  • You know you were born to for GREATNESS.
  • You’re done playing small, this is your year.

I’ve always felt different than other moms.


Building my business and making a global impact is just as important as my home life.


That used to make me feel guilty. Today, I realize & embrace the fact that it’s my duty to help people like you.

I’m Susie Romans, after making a name for myself as a Business Development Manager in a Chicago Marketing Agency, founding a lifestyle blog with a readership of over 5 million and having two kids just over a year apart, I decided something had to give.

At 26, I’d already achieved a lot but I was ready to take my expertise and start my own business.  I was tired of having to fight to get my ideas heard at work and craving the creative freedom to do my own thing.

Deep down I knew I had the heart and the hustle to make it work, so I quit my job.

Within 90 days of quitting I had my first $10K month.

In one year, my business has grown into a six-figure empire.


Best of all?

I have all the time in the world to spend with my family making memories and experiencing my children’s’ first steps and words, which I know I would have missed out on if I’d spent the last year slogging away at a day job.

Would it be a dream to be held accountable, to have someone hold your hand and show you how to make the leap into becoming your own boss?

I help my clients to create and grow their dream businesses, so life can be more free and fulfilling.

I work with:


  • Marketing consultants

  • Life coaches

  • Photographers, designers & creatives

  • Health coaches

  • Authors, writers & speakers

  • Relationship coaches

  • Business consultants & coaches

  • And more!

Turn your powerful expertise, skill or story into an online freedom business that works even when you’re not.

I run a six figure business online, juggle motherhood and enjoy traveling year round. It’s my messy, beautiful life and the freedom is the best part!

Four Month VIP Package:

  • Three 45 Minute Calls Each Month (Total of 12 Calls)
  • Complimentary Access to My Royal VIP Facebook Group
  • Complimentary Access to Live Events
  • One Custom Business Growth Roadmap
  • Access to Sweet Freedom Academy ($1000 Value)

$2200 Per Month for Four Months


$8500 Pay in Full

I only work with committed, ambitious and driven clients who will stop at nothing to create their dream business. If that’s you, apply below!

Serious Applicants Only

“Susie’s expertise and detailed 1 on 1 coaching program helped take me from the ‘I have no idea what I’m doing with my life’ stage to ‘I just earned $9,100” within my first 6 weeks of business’. I am now living my dream life, running my business from the comfort of my computer in whichever part of the world I please. I truly couldn’t be happier.”

Aubree Stark

Creative Director, Los Angeles, CA

“Susie, I can’t thank you enough. I got four clients in my FIRST month in business! I’m speechless and so happy!

I would never have been able to do this with out. You knew exactly where I needed to focus my attention and how to market and sell best to my ideal clients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m living my dreams because of you.”

Taylor Stanley

Business Coach, Malibu, CA

Deep Down You Know You Need a Coach, Don’t You? 

My Clients Have Earned Up To $15,000 Within 90 Days of Working with Me.

I’ll show you the exact tactics that I used myself, so you can have the results you want and need to rule your digital empire!

Together we can:

  • Build the foundational pieces of your business

  • Plan and package your services

  • Discover your brand, target market and messaging

  • Develop your website and image

  • Set up sales processes, so you have leads and sales

  • Create long term marketing and lead generation plans, so you have a stable income

What Can You Expect During Our Time Together?


Stage 1

  • Get clear on your branding and messaging

  • Clearly communicate what you do and create your own website

  • Decide who want to work with

  • Create your tagline and website copy


Stage 2

  • Design your offerings and packages

  • Create an amazing sales page that converts

  • Build an opt-in offer or lead magnet

  • Position yourself as a premium brand

  • Learn how to charge higher rates


Stage 3

  • Learn how to attract dream clients

  • Master the art & joy of selling

  • Learn how to book sessions and run sales consultations


Stage 4

  • Create your content marketing plan

  • Develop an audience of followers and fans

  • Build an email list full of hot leads

  • Develop your sales and marketing funnels


Stage 5

  • Dominate your industry by positioning yourself with top leaders

  • Learn how to run telesummits

  • Learn advanced marketing strategies

  • Become a mega brand and fill your business with clients


Stage 6

  • Automate your business and systems

  • Learn how to add passive income with digital products and eCourses

  • Make your business scalable

  • Map out your big picture sales funnels

  • Learn how to build a team and outsource so you can take more time off

Why Choose Susie?

  • I am the queen of productivity, focused effort and results

  • I graduated with a Bachelor degree from Northern Illinois University in Media Communication at the age of 20

  • I held management roles in the corporate world by the age of 23

  • My lifestyle advice has been featured in Women’s World, a national magazine

  • My automated systems and plans are in place, so I can have a part-time schedule… I have two kids, you didn’t honestly think that I work full-time hours did you?

  • I’ve created content plans and blogs that produced 5.6 million organic hits and counting with no advertising

  • I believe in your freedom and a family-centered lifestyle

  • I teach the step-by-step proven formulas and how-to’s of how to get your business to a stable income

“Susie’s action-oriented coaching is exactly what I needed to up level my previously-stagnant “hobby” into a legitimate POWERHOUSE of a business. Now my calendar is filling up with clients and previously unimaginable opportunities, and I’m FINALLY getting paid to do work that I love! If you’re considering working with Susie, don’t hesitate. She’s a HELL YES!”


Life Coach

The quickest way to commit and see results is to pay for it. I’ve never had a transformation in my life without paying an expert to take me to the next level.

Let’s Be Honest.

If You Could Have Done It On Your Own, You Already Would Have.

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