I was feeling silly and playful this evening decided to come up with this lovely array of one-liners about being an Online Entrepreneur and what are some of the quirks of it.

You know you’re an online entrepreneur when:

Your idea of a wild night out is spending $2000 on Facebook ads

You spend more time coming up with clever FB posts than you do getting ready in the morning

You plan your travel and vacations around conferences, where Gary Vee will be speaking next or client VIP days

You’re more excited to check your email for sales than going to parties

Program names come to you all day long and you check each one to see if the domain is available

You keep notepads by your bed to write down your ideas as you’re falling asleep

You own approximately 5962 domains

The majority of your friends are online and you’ve never met them

You ponder things like: Should I put on makeup before I Periscope today?

Talking to non-entrepreneurs puts you to sleep…

Most of your daily verbal communication is with your pet


What one-liner about being an online entrepreneur would add to this list?

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