I really recommend  that you do a professional video shoot at the very beginning of building your website.


The reason I recommend this is because you want to put your best foot forward. As I mentioned about people create an impression within the first few seconds, and if you have something up there that doesn’t look professional, it’s going to work against you.


Why Professional Images Are Important?


Without great looking images you’re not going to be able to demand those premium prices. Because people are going to look at you site and think it’s done by an amateur.

So make sure that you’re going the professional route in any way that you can.


A tool that you can use to find a photographer right off the bat is called thumbtack.com. Just type in “I’m looking for a photographer” with your zip code. And you can get some great rates, even if you’re just starting out you. And get some professional shots for as low as couple hundred dollars.


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