Social media can be the biggest time suck and tool of mass distraction.

Unless of course, you master Social Media and moved on.

Here’s what I know: If you are spending hours scrolling through your feeds all day, you are not producing content. Am I right? Chances are that you are consuming others people content.


I know why we do this.


We all fall into creative pits where we feel like we have nothing to say, or nothing to post.

I know.


I just spent 3 months inside while we experienced an insanely cold winter. So, I too have felt the freeze up. Having nothing to say or post…or thinking:


”What if this gets zero engagement”?


So here is the bombshell truth.


There are actually a few types of social posts that get the most attention and will save you from twiddling your thumbs in a content freeze up.

I recorded the 3 strategies right here:


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