I remember it like it was yesterday.


I was working at my friend’s house on my laptop, while she watched over our kids. Marta and I had met at a birthing class and we gave birth 2 days apart! Our kids were about 8 months at the time. I had started my blog and I was ready to build my dream business.

And it happened. I checked my Google analytics at one point while working that day, and I saw it: 6,000 hits.


Holy shit, holy shit! My heart was pounding! What the frick do I do? I have 6,000 people on my website right now. OMG what do I do? 


So, I pick up my iphone and I called my husband, Jason. “Babe, something is working!!!!! What do I do?” The months following the traffic kept exploding some days as many as 25,000 hits.


If you want to know what the heck I was doing to get this traffic you can go here.


In the months that followed I had an influx of readers and fans who began following me online and asking me about working from home and motherhood, lifestyle and even weight loss. I was a newbie in the online blogging world and didn’t even have any products or services in the beginning!


I was freelancing and trying hard to figure out my brand and what I stood for…and how to monetize it! Don’t even ask me about an email optin…I was a clueless! It took me several months to learn the ropes of how to capture leads and make sales.


Today as I write to you, I know my purpose in life and I’ve brought my business up to $10,000 per month.


I tell you this story because exposure can sometimes happen just like that! A simple flip of a few switches on the internet world and you can explode, build an audience and truly make a living. Not just make money…but create a lifestyle business, with total creative freedom!


Don’t stop creating, shifting and learning!


Remember, you have not missed the boat, you are the boat. Go out there make waves! Pick your own adventure! I’m here to help you! In fact, it’s my life’s purpose.

Light up the world and get paid!

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