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What Are Susie’s Clients Saying?

“Hiring you as my business coach has been that push I needed to get my ideas into real income. After just one month I booked 8 new clients and have a solid baseline income!”

Elena Lipson

“Susie expanded my business strategy in a HUGE way, giving me valuable tips to explode my income and create more opportunities. I am so grateful for Susie. Within days of starting I have already seen an increase in my business.”

Steph Person

“Susie helped me improve my sales process and lead generation. Within the first four weeks of working together I up-sold all my current clients and I gained 3 new clients! I earned over $10,000 in just 90 days.

Susie’s style is down-to-earth, but fierce at the same time. She knows just when to push me outside my comfort zone and when to offer me further support to help me get to the next level.”


Amber Lilyestrom

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