A lot of my clients ask me:

What is the most powerful trait that a small business owner and entrepreneur must have?

And although there are myriad of different kinds of skills and personality traits that will help, there is one that does come to mind. One particular trait that stands above the rest. One particular trait that I see in every single rags to riches story. Do you know what that is?

It is persistence. It is the ability to not give up even when the going gets tough.


Persistence means getting back up after every stumble. Persistence means no matter how hard the times will get and no matter how beat up you feel you will still keep going.How do we build up this kind of persistence? Well, we have to know in our heart that our desire is so strong that it is more like an obsession, it’s not just like you ‘kind of’ want something. The desire has to be so strong that you will stop at nothing, that you will have sleepless nights and you will fight through any kind of setback.

Have you ever seen that little image on social media with a cartoon character digging for diamonds or gold and he quits right before he hits it?

The ONE Trait That Every Rags to Riches Story Has: Persistence
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While listening to my audiobook, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, I found out that this story is true. A guy by the name of Darby walked away from a gold mine, when he was only three feet away.

I can spare you some of the details and give you the hard core LESSON. In business and in life, your successes come down to one simple trait…



If there was ever a reason that I could become a successful entrepreneur, defy the odds and create a life that most people would say is impossible…the reason would be persistence.

These days people quit too easily, are too distracted. These days people (especially my generation) think that we should have all of life’s luxuries handed to us on platters laced with gold.

Heck no.

It ain’t gonna happen.

Your ship is not coming…You are the ship!


A great life doesn’t happen that way. Success is not created by taking the safe route. You will have to do things that most people won’t do. If you want an uncommonly fabulous life… if you want a life that most people will not live you will need to do the things that most people will not do. You have to be a risk taker, to persist no matter how many times you fail, stumble or fall, you’ll scrape, you’ll scratch, you’ll bruise. It doesn’t matter. Toughen up and keep going! Onward, warrior!

We really don’t know how long we will be here. We also don’t know how close we are to hitting our potential…or our version of GOLD. You might be three feet from your gold right now and you don’t even realize it!

The demons that keep us from fulfilling our potential are: comparison, envy, jealousy, lack of commitment, fear, laziness, self-doubt…I could keep going. But you get the point. Don’t let these things take you over. You were made for greatness, I know this to be true.

Carry-on my darling friend. Let the world see what you’re here to do! Don’t hide your light!

Comment below and tell me:

Do you agree that persistence is the most powerful trait of every successful entrepreneur?

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