More than a third of Internet traffic is video right now. By 2018, there are speculations that it will be as high as 70%.

Amazing, right?!

Your online marketing focus should include high quality videos created by YOU for your CLIENTS and FOLLOWERS!

YouTube is the second biggest search engine out there; so make your presence known.

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It’s simple to create videos for your business, and I am here to give you the right tools.

First let’s talk audio. Audio is key people! If we can’t hear you or the sound of a local trash truck is roaring through your window as you record, you might want to “re-do” that take!

  • Your voice is very important and we want to hear you.
  • Take note on your surroundings and the room you are recording in.
  • Will my crying 3 year old come in 10 times?
  • Is the neighbor mowing his lawn for the second time this week?
  • Pick a time and place when your audio will be at it’s best!

Remember that old saying your piano or dance teacher said…”Practice, Practice, Practice”….?

Well, I am here to tell you they were right. Speaking into a camera ALONE in your workspace is INTIMIDATING and does take practice. You gotta find your groove. Your Mo-Jo. Your inner “I’m a kick-ass speaker” attitude.

So, practice my friends.

Stand in front of the bathroom mirror. Talk to yourself in your car. Use your hands, look into the camera, look away from the camera. Find your inner speaker diva.

Now, let’s address talking tips. There are 1000 I could share with you today. But let’s hone in on the important key ones to get you started on that long overdue video.

  1. Good old fashioned yellow post-it notes. Put those babies every place YOU can see them and NOWHERE your audience can. Glance at them. Use them when you lose your train of thought. Post It notes are your best friend.
  2. Presentation. What am I talking about here? Let me cut straight to it: Clean up your workspace. Take a screenshot of your background and examine it yourself. Do you see your Target list in the background?

Is there clutter or colors that are “hard” on the eye? Are your pictures frames off center? Sounds simple, right? Well it is!

Within just a few minutes, you can work up a suitable background for your video.


Creating your video is about creating an experience for your target audience.


Make them WANT to follow you. Make them WANT to work with you. You got this!


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