So I attract a lot of people who are interested in creating digital products and services.


Because they’re freaking awesome!

There’s no inventory. You can sell digital products all day and all night, in the summer or in the winter. You can sell them in the sky you can sell them in a pie….

Dr Suess anyone?

Okay okay…for real now.

Digital products and services can definitely go hand-in-hand. Yes you can sell both on your website. Let me give you an example you can be a graphic designer who makes her bread-and-butter with website designs and logos….But you can also sell e-books or digital images, designs etc as digital products.

Yes, my friend, this is called multiple streams of income.

You got money coming in from your person-to-person services, and money coming in from your digital info-products… Your expertise can be sold in many different forms.

If you can bundle it into a PDF of video or any kind of file… Hell yes! You can sell it! You just need to find the right target audience and you have to be smart about the way you market the products. It’s totally possible but you have to understand that selling services and selling products are pretty different in nature. They are very different beasts or very different unicorns…whatever the heck you want to call it. They are going to require different sales processes.

As I develop my business online, it’s really funny how I notice a lot of people start out with services and then offer Digital Products.

I did the opposite I began selling my expertise and e-books first – because I did already have expertise and knowledge to sell. But, after about a year or two I was pretty bored and lonely with the lack of interaction.

So, I decided to start offering my services and expertise in the form of coaching month to month. Now that was a awesome idea because I attracted clients that are so amazingly sweet and need my expertise. I absolutely love working with my clients and now I really have multiple income streams through e-books, online courses, workshops and my one-on-one clients. It’s really a fun blend!

So what do you think? Do you get more excited about selling products? Services? Or a blend of both of them?

If you need help getting clear on what to offer in your business, get in touch.

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