Let’s say you did it. You’re successful in your life and business.

Say your business exploded and you hit your goals… would you feel like you even deserve it? Do you feel you deserve to be successful?

Are you even allowed to make the kind of money and impact that you see yourself doing?

I mean, come on. Who are you to change the world? Be successful? To be seen and get known?

I struggled with this thought process. I even wondered if I was making $50,000 each month, would it matter? Would my kids become spoiled brats? Would the people I coach and inspire continue the movement?

Then I’d back off and say, chill out Susie. You have a good life.

Your business is doing great. You’re earning a great income, just be happy with THIS.

But the problem is…

THIS kind of thinking is not inspirational. THIS kind thinking is of talking yourself out of being successful, it’s horrible. It’s the opposite of empowering, it’s lame.

You’re taking your talents and burying them. Hiding them.

Or maybe giving just a little bit, making a tiny little effort and then throwing in the towel.

It’s good enough, right? You don’t really need to be that successful.

Well, screw that my friend. Screw the hiding. Screw being small and thinking small. I stopped, and you should too.

It does nothing to hide and tell yourself you were not made for more. You serve no one. It’s a cowardly move.

So get out there.

Start the blog.

Start the new business or program or marketing plan.

Do the “thing” that’s sitting in your heart.

Push the barriers and get OUT of the darn box that people put you in.

You are better, you are greater and you have a HUGE impact to make. I’m talking Oprah style, I’m talking Joel Osteen style, I’m talking Tony Robbins style, GLOBAL empowerment.

You can and you will be successful. But you’ve got to STEP UP.

I can show you how to do that here.

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